Running for Tennessee’s 30th State House District

I’m here to fight for working families

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Why I’m Running

It’s time for working families to have a State Representative who will fight for you. While you work every day to make ends meet, politicians in Nashville are keeping our great state at the lowest minimum wage and among the worst in the nation for affordable healthcare. You deserve better.

While Washington remains a toxic, dysfunctional mess, I believe we can rise above. I will fight for Tennessee solutions to Tennessee problems because I know that together we can restore the promise of opportunity and improve lives across the state. Starting now.

I was born and raised from a working family in East Ridge, so I know that we can’t afford to elect a politician who will bring two more years of the same problems.

  1. I will fight to expand Medicaid, because working people should never have to choose between earning a living or the healthcare they need.
  2. I am a fierce advocate for stronger public schools, higher teacher pay, and fully-funded classrooms to ensure every child has access to a great education.
  3. I believe in raising the minimum wage, because anyone who does good work should get paid fairly.

With your help, we can ensure leaders in Nashville start working for us.

Joda Thongnopnua
Joda Thongnopnua

Commit to vote this November 6th

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About Joda

Growing up in East Ridge, Tennessee, Joda watched his parents work their way into the middle class — and it wasn’t always easy. Sometimes, their family had to make tough choices, like paying the power bill or having enough groceries that week. But they always believed that if they worked hard, played by the rules, and did the right thing, they could have a better life.

Joda’s Dad came to the U.S. from Thailand when he was nine years old, and has worked two jobs from dawn until dusk for more than 20 years. His Mom, a preacher’s daughter from an Italian-American family, balanced taking care of Joda and his sisters with work here-and-there to make ends meet.

They taught the value of hard work. Of believing in something bigger than yourself. So Joda started working for the community while he was in high school.

While still in school at UTC, he organized with people in low-income neighborhoods to fight for affordable housing and better local representation. After he graduated, he went to work for an incubator for new businesses to support entrepreneurs as they launched local companies to grow opportunity in our city.

Today, Joda heads up a non-profit organization that helps cities work better, smarter, and for the good of all citizens. He has helped city leaders fight for more funding for neglected schools, developed neighborhood revitalization strategies, and worked to put a stop to predatory lending across Tennessee.

His record is one of making our community a better place for everyone. Now he is ready to continue this work, in Nashville, fighting for working families and a better Tennessee.

Images of Joda growing up in East Ridge.

I am proud of my record of working to make our community a better place for everyone. Now, I see an important opportunity to continue that work in Nashville to fight for working families and a better Tennessee.